Laidback Show Episode 10 – @NaveeNaqvi

Show notes after the Jump

  • Laidback Show welcomes back Naveen Naqvi
  • The hot topic of NRO being declared Null and Void by the Supreme Court of Pakistan
  • Swiss Cases, Musharraf’s High Treason issue, Mike Mullen having closed door discussion inside the presidency while the Supreme Court decides the fate of the NRO?
  • Whats going to happen to the Missing Persons cases
  • Naveen Naqvi going into prime time at Dawn
  • Naveen Naqvi attends the Women in Media the way forwards conference by AKS
  • Faisal Kapadia believes most women do fluffy TV shows and they should move away from the stereotype women shows
  • Back to back tweet / blogger meetup Dell Dine-up art Royale Rodale courtesy CIO Pakistan and then HP bounces back with emagine group launching the HP Mini, the green guy gets the rough treatment. Laidbackshow interviews a few particpants about the HP Mini event
  • Awab takes a trip to Hingol and eye a US/NATO APC along the route traveling towards Quetta, where they tour the Hindu Temple Nani Mander, Kund Malir Beach and Mud Volcanoes with
  • Naveen heads to Delhi for 5 days meets Arundhati Roy and has dinner with her
  • T2F relauches itself at a new location off Sunset Blvd, Sabeen worked hard for over a year to finally open the doors on Monday 21st December 2009
  • Dubai debacle, Abu Dhabi bailing it out, but the question is for how long. Faisal Kapadia shares his fascination with China, while Awab feels that third world countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka will stand to benefit from the business moving out of Chine in the future
  • Zaid Hamid, leading the youth in a very weird direction, Awab’s description of Zaid Hamid’s tarkaydar chai.
  • Awab talks to a reporter from Chirstian Science Monitor about the mystery surrounding the presence of Blackwater in Pakistan
  • Poppy Agha joins us from behind the camera


  • shobz says:

    am watching it now. will comment on it once i am done with it.

  • SMKhan says:

    another good round up…

  • samir says:

    watching your show just feels like one is sitting among you guys and i think thats the beauty of this show. not commenting on the contents as i thought the discussion tended to ‘jump’ from one topic to another (just a bit :)). it was a surprise to see naveen here and would have loved to hear her more (no offence awab and faisal, you do own the show anyway!
    naveen must write a blog post on ‘dinner with arundhati roy’…….would love to read it.
    guys, keep it up!

  • Kashan Ahmed says:

    Once again great show…audio was better this time around…don’t know why naveen was so quite and reserved even though you guys tried to make her laid back ;).

    Only thing I have to say is guys keep up the good work and try to bring people from different walks of life and especially media personality if you can…coz they might open up here than on they usually don’t do on main stream media.

  • Rai Azlan says:

    great show guys. i really liked the part when Awab described his adventure trip, it was really awsome

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